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Student Supports

Student Supports

In Ballinteer Community School, our students are supported through our Pastoral Care System. Student support is delivered both inside and outside of the classroom to improve the student experience in our school. Our students are supported at both staff and peer level.

Peer Supports

Tiered Leadership Programme

Our Tiered Leadership Programme involving Transition Year Students (TY Peer Leaders), Fifth Year Students (Mentors) and Sixth Year Students (Prefects) incorporates a mentoring element. These students will be involved in various activities throughout the school year which will support the core message that our students can complement existing supports for younger students to increase engagement and retention and offer the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills. This will be done by setting an example on the corridor and regular meetings with specific class groups. See the Tiered Leadership page for further information on this programme.

Student Council

The student voice is a key aspect of our support system. Every class in the school has designated ‘Class Reps’ who represent the student body on the Council. They normally wear badges so are easily identified by students who need some help.

Staff Supports

Subject Teacher

Each subject teacher will help their students with that subject. They are always there to help and if a student has a problem, they can approach their teacher for support. This may be by asking questions during class, staying behind after class, or through a note in their journal. Subject teachers are the first step on the ladder of referral.

Special Needs Assistant (SNA)

SNAs may be present in class to help students with their everyday tasks, such as schoolwork and social skills. Any student can ask an SNA for help.

SEN staff & Team Teaching

Sometimes, students are lucky enough to have two teachers in the classroom. Students can call on either teacher for help. SEN staff also oversee the provision of learning support classes and Reasonable Accommodations for State Examinations.


Each class is assigned a Tutor. A Tutor is the teacher who, on behalf of the school community, undertakes the role of caring for a class group with responsibility in the pastoral, academic and behaviour areas. A Tutor develops positive relationships with students by setting realistic and high expectations for the role and for students in keeping with the school’s ethos. The Tutor is the first person that students will meet each morning for registration. Registration takes place every morning at 8.28am. During this time, roll call is taken and announcements are made. For more details on the role of the tutor, please see the policy.

Student Development Officer

Every year group is assigned a Student Development Officer. They work in collaboration with the Tutors, Dean, and Guidance Counsellors to encourage students to reach their full potential by putting individual support structures and interventions in place.


The Chaplain is a religious and spiritual guide and is also available to students for support. Appointments can be made with the Chaplain by calling to her office. Our Chaplain is Ms Kelly.

Guidance Counsellor

Guidance counsellors provide students with information about career prospects and college, but they are also there to help with any other problems. Students can talk to them one on one about problems that are bothering them. Appointments can be made with the Guidance Counsellor by calling to their office or via email. Our Guidance Counsellors are Mr Joyce and Ms McManus. See the Guidance page for further information.


The Dean of each year is also called the Year Head. They oversee an entire year group, with the support of the Tutors. They have both pastoral, academic and disciplinary responsibilities for their assigned year group.

HSCLO (Home School Community Liaison Officer)

The HSCLO teacher works closely with parents to support and encourage regular attendance and participation in school. Our HSCLO is Ms Mitchell. See the HSCLO page for further information.

School Completion Coordinator

This is a programme to support children and young people who are at risk of early school leaving. They also provide extra supports such as homework club and after-school music. Jane Rooney is our School Completion Coordinator and she is assisted by Joe Dunne. See the School Completion page for further information.

Principal/Deputy Principal

The Principal and Deputy Principal are in charge of running the school. They liaise with all staff and are the final steps on the ladder of referral.

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