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Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle education is compulsory and is usually taken by students between the ages of 12 and 15. Schools follow the national curriculum set down by the Department of Education and Science.

Students sit their Junior Cycle written examinations, which are state examinations, in June of their third year. In class, in Second and Third year, the complete Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs). The Department of Education set the examination papers, supervise the examinations and monitor the correction of the exam papers. Results are usually issued to schools around September/October following the examination.

Find more information on Junior Cycle for parents of Primary students here and Secondary students here.

The Junior Cycle aims to:

  • Reinforce and further develop in the young person the knowledge, understanding, attitudes, skills and competencies acquired at primary level.
  • Extend and deepen the range and quality of the young person's educational experience in terms of knowledge, understanding, skills and competencies.
  • Develop the young person's personal and social confidence, initiative and competence through a broad, well balanced, general education.
  • Prepare the young person for the requirements of further programmes of study, employment or of life outside fulltime education
  • Contribute to the moral and spiritual development of the young person and develop a tolerance and respect for the values and beliefs of others.
  • Prepare the young person for the responsibilities of citizenship in the national context and in the context of the wider European and global communities.

Junior Cycle Subjects (click on each subject for further information):

Core Examination Subjects

All students take these subjects and sit them in the Junior Certificate examination.

Core Non Examination Subjects:

Junior Cycle Option Subjects:

Students choose two from the following list of option subjects.

To download the Junior Cycle Framework, click on the following link Framework for Junior Cycle.

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Wellbeing in Ballinteer Community School plays an integral role in the students education and provides learning opportunities that enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing along with the resilience of the students. It enables them to build life-skills and to develop a strong sense of connectedness to the school and the wider community. This is a new area of learning that incorporates CSPE, SPHE, PE and Guidance.

If you wish to download the Wellbeing guidelines, click the following link Wellbeing Guidelines.

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