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1st Year

1st Year 2020

Year Head: Mr Oliver Joyce


A warm welcome to the parents, guardians and in particular our new First Year students who began their journey through Ballinteer Community School on Wednesday 26th August. I look forward to getting to know all First Years and their parents/guardians in the days, weeks and years to come. We have lots of measures put in place to assist with the induction programme for First Years.

For you as guardians/parents your son/daughter is now embarking on two very significant transitions (i) the transition from primary to secondary school, and (ii) the transition from childhood to adolescence. Most students look forward with anticipation to those milestones in their lives and relish meeting new people and exploring their new environment and new subjects. They enjoy their newfound independence and freedom and most grow from these new experiences. Therefore, it might be useful to remember how when your son/daughter you celebrated when they took their first step and when they said their first words. Such a view might be useful as they travel these new journeys into secondary school and adolescence.

I look forward to working with you on this journey,

Mr Joyce

First Year Dean

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