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1st & 2nd Year Parent/Teacher Meetings

1st & 2nd Year Parent/Teacher Meetings

Important Information for Parents/Guardians ahead of our virtual Parent/Teacher meeting on Monday 15th November 2021 - please read in advance of the meeting.

Parents/Guardians should be advised that:

• the meeting is confidential and all mobile phones or other electronic devices not being used for the specific purpose of the proceedings must be turned off or switched to silent for the duration of the meeting.

• recording, saving or capturing any audio, video, or any other data/information or image during the meeting is not permitted.

• any unauthorised recording or live streaming of the meeting or any aspect of the meeting to another location is not permitted,

• if someone accidentally records, saves or otherwise captures any data/information/image etc., s/he must immediately advise the other party and the recording must be deleted and confirmation of this provided to the other party.

• the invitation to the meeting, the link to, or password for, the meeting must not be forwarded to any other person/third party.

• if any unauthorised person attends the meeting, the meeting host/co-host will remove the person or, if required, the meeting will be paused until the matter is resolved.

• the camera function must be on so that it is clear whom each party is speaking to • normal dignity and respect principles and practices must be adhered to by all.

• to safeguard the privacy of the meeting, an appropriate space at home should be used.

• the aggregate duration of the meeting must not exceed the limit specified which is 5 minutes for each teacher/parent.

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